Existentialist Realisations

You do not know why you’re here and frankly I dont quite understand why i am here either. Once you can truly except the ideology of “I do not know,” can you be okay with the idea being lost, Getting lost in the mix of the world is invetable, so except the fact that the world is not just painted in black and white, things are not always right or wrong…theres millions of possibilities and an infinite number of perspectives so get lost and find your own .

Mohadesa Najumi


Franz Kafka postulated: “You are free and that is why you are lost”. I have long wondered if this is true. Are we really reduced to fleeting objects by our own freedom? I once accepted a deity and I allowed the submission to consume me. I did not feel free, but I also certainly did not feel lost. In fact, I felt quite at home in the collective cult of organised religion. It was a sweet delusion and still, I look back and ponder on how ignorant my being really was to wider possibilities.

It wasn’t until I released myself of the shackles of the celestial dictatorship of god and the self-centred notion of intelligent design that I really felt “free”. And by” free”, I mean the absence of mass control of vast aspects of my life. Freedom requires you to be a little lost. “Lost” is the primer for independent…

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