A little free verse for cousin IT

I hope you rot in hell.
I hope you and whom ever validates your way of thinking rot in hell.
I can genuinely say you disgust me.
I can genuinely say, I am okay with my feelings.

To look at someone and not acknowladge them.
To talk wrongly of those whom confide in you.
To assumme of those you claim to trust.
To judge of those you claim to love…

…But maybe, thats just it…
people like you don’t love.
Do you?

To hear my sister explain the scene which you have walked passed her failing to acknowladge her,
Hate fills my heart  knowing that her heart has just been sunk by the exact hate.
A hate that only people like you could cause.

Please, do tell, what does it do for you?
Do you fell like a badass?
Are you what people call “The shit”…
Because I Think I have a feeling where they are all going with that one…

Point is,
I do not write to you as a ‘family member,’ because your actions have proved you don’t have the slightest grasp on the concept.
But I write to you as:

A person you once claimed to love.
A person who once thought they could confide in you.
A person who when came into your presence, found it only right to acknowladge you.

I do not at all try to understand your life circumstances,
I do not try to make them my own.
I Have grown enough to understand that every indivual is simply…An individual.
I respect indivuality because I know that, I myself am a character all my own.

And like anybody, you do have plenty admirable traits that only you could pass on, as I hope you will.
But there is more to you then the traits that I admire.
Besides that, I’ve seen the cruelness that lies within that ginormous head of hair.

It saddens me that when you connect with people, I find it overwhelmingly insincere.
When you ask for help, I figure you are desperate.
I have no idea what your genuine is…

My purpose was to not only make you feel like shit you are but I want you to see the effect you have had on those whom have come in direct contact with you.
If you can’t count on your family to be at your funeral….
Who else do you expect to show?

Well.. Good night!
I think I’ve sucessfully exhausted myself.
I love You.
And I wish you didn’t suck so much. The end.


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